The North American Young Rheumatology Investigator Forum is a unique
educational program designed to promote the professional career development
of rheumatology fellows and junior faculty. The forum’s informal, constructive
environment permits an unparalleled opportunity for fellows to present their
research, exchange ideas, share information and establish networks with their
peers and extramural expert faculty investigators. Afternoon sessions include
poster presentations and a roundtable discussion on diverse career opportunities
encompassing rheumatologists in private practice, research and the
pharmaceutical industry. Travel stipends of $250 – $1000 will be awarded
to those candidates whose research efforts have been considered by the jury
faculty to be the most outstanding. This forum is stimulating, interactive
and constructive whereby attendees will be able to learn in a mentoring
environment and develop and utilize these new contacts to establish
network channels for future collaborative research, consultative advice
and career path assistance.

Submission Deadline Midnight March 20, 2020!!