Goals and Objectives

The North American Young Rheumatology Investigator Forum was established
to furnish clinical and research fellows in the field of rheumatology an informal,
mentoring environment to present, discuss and have their original clinical or basic
research evaluated by an established, international panel of rheumatologists in the
presence of their peers. NYRIF also advances attendees’ career decision-
making process by providing relevant and accurate information on the
opportunities and challenges in the field of rheumatology so that attendees will
be able to more appropriately evaluate their career choices and execute more
informed career decisions.  In addition, the unique environment fosters the
development of valuable long-lasting networking connections.
At the conclusion of this forum the attendee should be able to:
      • Employ enhanced professional oral and written communication skills for use in designing research projects and in composing and presenting abstracts and case presentations.
      • Exchange ideas and knowledge with world renowned rheumatologists as well as with peers     to establish methods for interacting more effectively in coordination of patient care.
      • Establish networking channels with peers and extramural expert faculty investigators for     future collaborative research, consultative advice and career path assistance.
      • Analyze current research activities within the basic science and clinical research areas of rheumatology to recognize exceptional original research achievement.
      • Evaluate career descriptions, challenges and available opportunities in the field of rheumatology.
      • Compare and contrast diverse careers throughout the discipline of rheumatology.
      • Compose research presentations, incorporate idea exchange and effectively integrate mentored feedback.
      • Validate the principles of life-long learning and continuing medical education.
      • Utilize invaluable new networking channels for promotion of research, communicating in the field of rheumatology, and assistance with future job opportunities.
      • Develop a more informed, individualized, decsion-making career path.

Accreditation and Credit
To be determined.